Dr. Ghaliai graduated from York University in Toronto in 1996 with an Honors degree in Computer Science. Over the years, while managing a successful software company in Toronto, and despite being a competitive soccer player, a non-smoker, and being overall conscious about healthy living, in 2004 he was diagnosed with cancer and endured a 10-month battle with this disease. This life-changing experience gave Dr. Ghaliai a new mission to not only seek new ways to maintain optimum health, but also to help others in achieving the same goal. To pursue this mission, he became fascinated with the chiropractic science, and in 2012 graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto with a Doctorate of Chiropractic.
Since 2012, Dr. Ghaliai has helped many patients and has focused (among other conditions), in particular on patients suffering from disc bulge and/or herniation, acute and chronic neck and low back pain, sciatica, sprain/strain injuries, as well as many types of headaches. Furthermore, as a soccer player and athlete he has also been helping many athletes with a variety of sports injuries.
Dr. Ghaliai utilizes a number of techniques and his treatments focus on spinal adjustments, alignments, strength, balance, flexibility and all the necessary ingredients for an increased and improved body function and energy while maintaining optimal health and decreasing the risk of injury and other illnesses.
Dr. Ghaliai accepts new patients for chiropractic and looks forward to being a partner in your optimal health and wellness experience.